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Where To Go In Langkawi – The Best Places and Things to do in Langkawi

Family Walking On the Beach

There’s a very good reason that Langkawi is considered one of the best tropical getaway destinations in Malaysia. Pristine beaches, roaring waterfalls, and lush green paddy fields abound in this beautiful island, providing endless opportunities for you to get out and explore.


From lounging by the beach, hiking to the mountains to participating in mangrove tours, you will find plenty of best things to do in Langkawi!

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Best for beach getaway
Beach getaway

Pantai Cenang 


Spanning over 1.5 kilometres, the location is perfect for spending all day on the beach. Before sunrise or after sunset, it’s ideal for a long walk along the stretch of sand. Various water sports activities such as parasailing and jet-skiing are also available here.


Pantai Kok


If you’re keen on a change of scenery, head to the secluded Pantai Kok where you can watch the smooth arch of the surrounding limestone hills and the dense jungle. Nearby is the picturesque harbour township of the Telaga Harbour Park, lined with many high-end restaurants and shops.

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Tanjung Rhu


Tanjung Rhu is one of the finest beaches Langkawi has to offer. Tucked away in the far corner of the island, this unspoilt paradise is famous for being the favourite beach for travellers who are looking for complete tranquility. 


Reminder: The seasonal phenomenon of box jellyfish is an ever-present danger in Southeast Asia, so you are not advised to swim in Langkawi beaches during the months of June and July.

Best for hiking

There are miles and miles of picturesque hiking trails throughout Langkawi, and they are all just waiting to be explored! Here are some of the best hiking trails in the area:


  • Mount Raya 

  • Mount Mat Chinchang

  • SkyTrail & SkyCab

  • Durian Perangin Waterfalls

  • Temurun Waterfalls

Best for tour

Made up of 104 different islands in the Andaman Sea, Langkawi is best experienced through boat tours around the island. 


We recommend Mangrove Tour for many exciting activities such as eagle watching, swimming in private beaches, visiting a fish farm and venturing into caves to appreciate spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

If you’re a water sports lover, we also recommend Jet-Ski Tour where you will visit a few islands and ride pass a fjord and cliffs as well as have the chance to swim & snorkel.

Best for shopping

As a shopper’s paradise and a duty-free island, Langkawi offers various shopping options from liquor & tobacco, gifts & souvenirs, art & craft, jewelry & watches, cookware, chocolates, perfumes, clothes, electronics, and many more.


Among the popular supermarkets are:


  • BHK Duty Free Supermarket 

  • Billion Duty Free Supermarket

  • PL Soon Huat Sdn. Bhd.

  • Rams Home Decor Sdn. Bhd.

  • Kompleks HiG Duty Free Mall

Best for cultural activities

Apart from being the go-to place for an ultimate island getaway in Malaysia, Langkawi also has attractions that are suited to travellers who want to learn and indulge in cultural experiences and the local history. 


Here are some of the best cultural attractions in Langkawi:

Galeria Perdana

This two-floor museum houses an outstanding collection of more than 2,500 presents and rewards that were given to the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, by many renowned world leaders.


It is established by the Prime Minister to celebrate the fact that Malaysians are the rightful owners of the gifts they had received.

Laman Padi Langkawi

Eco-tourism flourishes in Laman Padi Langkawi, where wide paddy fields replaces the usual image that travellers usually have about this island.


Located near the Pantai Cenang area, the 8.6-acre paddy fields is preserved in an effort to educate travellers about the local culture of rice planting through demonstrations as well as gallery and exhibition in the nearby museum.


Langkawi Night Market

What’s better than eating like the locals do on your vacation? As with many other places in Asia, night market is an indispensable feature of Malaysia including Langkawi.


Sample Langkawi’s specialty such as Murtabak, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Kerabu and Som Tam at affordable prices! Click here for an updated info of their locations and operating hours.

Best for kid-friendly activities

3D Art in Paradise Langkawi

For travellers who are interested in 3D arts and exhibitions, look no further than 3D Art in Paradise Langkawi, as it houses approximately 200 stunning masterpieces and paintings by international artistes.


As the second largest 3D museum in the world, it is the perfect place to snap some quirky indoor photos with your loved ones!


Underwater World Langkawi

Located nearby the famed Cenang Beach, the Underwater World Langkawi is where kids of all ages will go wild over the sea creatures and tropical wildlife!


The scenic and family-friendly aquarium features over 500 species, separated across different sections such as Sub-Antarctic, Koi Pond, Tunnel Tank and many more.


Langkawi Wildlife Park

The Langkawi Wildlife Park has been a Langkawi staple for more than a decade!


Located in Kampung Belanga Pecah, the park is dedicated to educating visitors about Malaysia's wildlife and its conservation and preservation. Toddlers love exhibits and interactive activities such as:

  • Otter Feeding

  • Cuddle With Raccoon

  • Koi Feeding

  • Deer Feeding

  • Crocodile Fishing

  • Pelican Feeding

  • Fear Factor With Snake

Fun4Kidz Langkawi

Fun4Kidz Langkawi is a welcome addition to Langkawi, as it's the first ever indoor playground in the island! Opened in 2018, Fun4Kidz Langkawi has a large play area, movie area and a cosy library.


Bonus points for the FREE Wi-Fi for mom and dad's entertainment, too!


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